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How to reduce stress from Life, Mind, and Overall body through certain relaxation techniques|GOOGLEREVEAL.COM

NOWADAYS Life is full of STRESS, So how to eliminate Stress after adapting some Techniques

In the hectic schedule of everyone’s life, people don’t have enough time for them to spend with their family or loved one, so these are the causes behind the stressful routines in anyone life. People are not spending time on their health just busy to earn better and better for his career, but finally, at some stage of life people realize that they have been trapped in stress.

Techniques to avoid stress in routine life

  1. Meditation                                                                                                                                                                                                                          In a hectic life if a person follows regularly meditation he/she can avoid the pressure of stress from his/her life. Meditation provides relaxation to the mind, and mind works more properly. A normal person can practice it 10 to 15minutes each day. Meditation is a technique where a person focuses on each point for many minutes.
  2. Regular Exercise during a week                                                                                                                                                                                      A physical exercise increases the body stamina which fights with the stress. A person who does exercise for a period of 40min to 50min regularly can avoid stress from his/her life. Exercises increase the blood circulation in the body which makes a person more active during his routine work. In physical exercise, a person can enjoy a regular walk to park, cycling, swimming, yoga, and many more exercises.
  3. Proper Intake Of Diet                                                                                                                                                                                                        Proper maintaining of diet help a person to avoid stress who does not take a proper diet regularly can a victim of stress. So a healthy diet boosts the immune system of the body which provides more activeness to the body. A proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be in diet plan which should include green vegetables, fruits, egg, fish, and cereals.
  4.  Making of Social Group, laugh more, and read more                                                                                                                                                To reduce the stress of body and mind an individual can join various social groups where he/she can join and share their views, interest, and can do various activities in such groups. We all know that laughing is one of the most important therapy to reduce all the pressure from mind because it boosts the hemoglobin and blood circulation in the body. Reading is found one of the best technique for relaxation from stress because it provides more capability and concentration to mind from all other things.
  5. Proper Schedule Of Sleeping
  • A proper sleep of 7hour to 8hour is necessary for the body to make its energy and proper functioning.
  •  An improper schedule can create high stress on health and mind, so to avoid it a proper calm place should choose to complete the sleeping.

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